My Open Letter to Jon Caldara

Dear. Mr. Caldara,

These past couple of weeks, we have been disappointed with your narrative in the media regarding SB15-175, a bill that would have repealed the unconstitutional magazine ban on law-abiding Colorado citizens. SB15-175 was a repeal of the law that was pushed through by Democrats in 2013 and could not have been amended according to Article V Section 21 of our state constitution.

As you know, in 2013 Democrats originally attempted to pass a ban on magazines that contained more than 10 rounds. To give one of their members coverage, the Democratic controlled legislature raised the limit to 15 rounds. When Representative Joe Salazar said “if there are bill sponsors that are willing to compromise on that bill, I am willing to sit down with them,” it was his attempt to appear diplomatic to his constituents in order to give himself coverage in the next election.

There has never been a bill that has attempted to raise the unconstitutional 15 round limit. Even if it were the case, the magazine ban is still unenforceable and unconstitutional no matter the set limit of rounds. The government has no business telling the people how many rounds they need to defend themselves or their loved ones in a dangerous situation, whether it be 15, 30, or 100 rounds. If we abandon our strong belief in the Constitution, we will lose the moral high ground and damage the reputation of our party. If we allow a compromise of our rights, a full repeal will never happen.

We have no assurances from Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst that she would allow a vote on a bill which would amend the limit on magazine capacity. And we have no assurances from Governor Hickenlooper that he will not veto the bill to appease the anti-gun left. If my colleague Representative Joe Salazar and others who supported the 2013 anti-gun laws are truly remorseful for their bad votes against our constitutional rights, they should simply vote to completely repeal the law.

You should be advocating for anti-gun legislators to do this. A lesser position diminishes the people’s wishes and prevents my anti-gun colleagues from taking full responsibility for their actions by voting for a full repeal.





Rep. Patrick Neville

Download a PDF copy of this letter by clicking here.