I will never waiver from what I believe in. I will fight for these core principles:

2nd AMENDMENT: I believe the 2nd Amendment is a bulwark against tyranny. I am proud to be endorsed by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners PAC (RMGO), the most strident gun rights group in Colorado. As a former Columbine student, I support allowing our teachers to conceal and carry in the classroom; I never want my children to experience what my classmates did on April 20th 1999. The gun control laws from 2013 need to be repealed and I would proudly sponsor a “Constitutional Carry” bill —- making permits optional.

TAXES, SPENDING AND GOVERNMENT: The size and scope of government must be decreased. The business personal property tax needs to be eliminated and fees should only be used for the purpose they are collected — not as a revenue stream for politicians.

​LIFE: I am 100% pro-life, no exceptions. Nothing is more important to me than protecting the most innocent among us. I am proud to be endorsed by the most pro-life legislators in Colorado.

TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES: I am the proud husband of my high school sweetheart and father of two beautiful daughters. “Husband” and “Father” are the most important titles I will ever hold. Marriage is between one man one woman, the way God designed it.

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: As a Christian man, I am concerned that my family’s religious liberty is being attacked by a radical leftist agenda. I would support and sponsor a “Respect for Rights of Conscience” bill. In fact, in 2012 my father and role model, State Senator Tim Neville, was the proud sponsor of SM 12-003: the “Respect for Rights of Conscience.”

​EDUCATION: School choice is a civil right. I will fight to repeal Common Core or any leftist scheme that usurps control from our locally elected school board and places it in the hands of state or federal bureaucrats. I support legislation that would give state tax credits to support families who have children who are homeschooled or enrolled in a private school.

​RIGHT TO WORK: No one should be forced to join a union to obtain or keep a job. I will be a leader in the fight against forced unionism.

HEALTH CARE: We need to reject “Obamacare” by repealing the state’s radical health care system and promoting cash, concierge services.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Colorado is not in the financial or economic position to be giving in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants. Our borders need to be protected, and our laws need to be enforced.

ENERGY: Democrats, with the help of some Republicans, continue to place overly burdensome regulations on companies such as the Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA). These regulations lead to higher costs that are passed on to the consumer. I will work to repeal these burdensome regulations.

Patrick Neville for Colorado House District 45

Patrick Neville for Colorado House District 45

Patrick Neville for Colorado House District 45