Patrick Neville - Candidate for HD 45

Patrick Neville – Candidate for HD 45

I am a PRINCIPLED CONSERVATIVE with a passion for protecting LIFE, LIBERTY and the CONSTITUTION.


Residents of House District 45 deserve a BOLD PRINCIPLED CONSERVATIVE LEADER, not someone who speaks up only when it becomes politically convenient. The Representative from Castle Rock should be known as a CONSERVATIVE STALWART not a career politician looking for the next government job.

  • The size and scope of the government must be decreased.
  • School Choice is a Civil Right.
  • I am 100% Pro-Life with no exceptions.
  • The Business Personal Property Tax should be eliminated. Fees should only be collected for their intended purpose, not used as a revenue stream for politicians.
  • Colorado needs to reject Obamacare by repealing its health exchange program and promoting cash services.